A Memory Stream – The American Dollar / The American Dollar


美元? 不要和 $ 扯上关系.他们是纯粹的做音乐.成立于2005年.
也许真如网上资料所说的,The American Dollar一向比较低调,而他们的音乐也听说只能通过和他们联系然后邮购,不过这个我不清楚.




The Slow Wait (1)Anything You Synthesize 是我首先发现了并开始认识了他们.

乐队:The American Dollar
专辑: A Memory Stream
风格: 器乐/后摇

01. The Slow Wait Part 1
02. The Slow Wait Part 2
03. Call
04. Bump
05. Intermission
06. Lights Dim
07. Transcendence
08. Our Hearts Are Read
09. Anything You Synthesize
10. We’re Hitting Everything
11. Starscapes 



乐队:The American Dollar
专辑: The American Dollar
风格: 器乐/后摇

01 – War On Christmas
02 – Glow
03 – Cambian
04 – Somnambulance
05 – Long March
06 – Seperate But Equal
07 – Peterson
08 – Thompson
09 – Twelve Days Awake
10 – Everyone Gets Shot




- Richard Cupolo / keyboard, guitar, bass, percussion
- John Emanuele / drums, keyboard, bass, guitar

“The imagery is heavy, and were this a film score, it would be the one for human nature. The song-to-song transitions and sweeping crescendos are often that grab listeners by the heartstrings to draw them in towards complete bliss – the album begins with the two part tracks “The Slow Wait,” and its effects are just that. Riddled with sadness and joy, there are points of light that poke through very dark undertones as you pass from tracks 1 through 11. With guitar stylings comparable to Bloc Party, the organ influence of Pink Floyd carries the album across. “The Slow Wait Part 2” is breath-taking, but like the debut albums from Interpol or Sigur Ros, the songs create a cohesion when heard from front to back. Long drives, late nights, and many other moments that are affected by the music that accompanies them, The American Dollar is a necessity to one’s personal soundtrack.”


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